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"...Paragon makes the complicated, easy."
Crissy Manwaring, Owner Manwaring Innovations LLC
"...proven to be professional, competent and capable"
Dudley Sondeno, President Viking Technology Inc.
"...Paragon is very knowledgeable in many areas of administration"
Frank Scandura, President Frank's European Service


08/08/2018 -
Check out the highlights of the Roadmap to Success Newsletter . . . 

07/13/2018 -
What a great Roadmap to DBE Success workshop we had on Thursday, July 12th. This is a part of the DBE Supportive Services program, we work to share about becoming DBE/SBE Certified and how certification can connect you with opportunities. Along with the 7 keys to accelerate the growth of your business and building resources and collaborations. We had some great business owners, emerging and established now equipped with their roadmap to DBE success!!    The next workshop is scheduled for August 9th, registration available at

08/07/2017 - Christy Echols
Accelerate Growth is a training program of Paragon Development Group, a boutique business development group and is designed for the small, diverse (woman & minority) business owner. 1. Learn the keys to accelerate growth for your organization. 2. How to create new opportunities with certification (WBE/MBE/DBE/SBE/ESB/WOSB/EDWOSB) 3. Connect with Community resources and identify new strategies with collaboration Christy Echols, founder of Paragon Development Group has worked directly with small, woman & minority firms as a business development consultant and certification specialist. Over the years in working with small, diverse business owners, most all, had the same barriers to overcome in their business. We have identified those barriers and have created the Accelerate Growth Training Program designed uniquely for small, diverse business owners. Finding the right pace is key to accelerate growth! If you are a small, woman or minority business owner looking to accelerate growth in your business, join us for this engaging seminar, designed just for you! Additional details and information will be forth-coming. $20 Registration Register online at Scrumptious breakfast & coffee included with registration.

07/19/2017 - Christy Echols
Are you creating an environment for growth?

07/06/2015 - Paragon Development Group
Persistence in business and in life is the determining factor between success and failure.

Become a leader in your business and in your life! Surround yourself with people with the same vision and attitude you have and watch your organization grow!