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Moving Dirt | Are You Creating an Environment for Growth?
07/19/2017 - posted by Christy Echols
Moving Dirt

While dropping my son off at work this morning, I noticed a big pile of dirt and a dirt mover on top and a lot of activity around it and I got excited, a little curious and my mind began to wonder.  I’m sure your first thought is, how can a pile of dirt make anyone excited, well, for me that represents change, growth, cultivating and something new.  I immediately began to wonder what would be built there, what was new or coming soon. Prior to Paragon, I worked for an R & D Engineering firm and learned about the methodology of reverse engineering.  Taking a concept or an idea and working that idea backward. This was a PROCESS!!! This is not something you haven’t already heard before, but maybe just a reminder . . . that there is a process in everything that represents growth and change.

Just thought I would throw this in here, there is NO overnight success in anything!! It all takes a process, a consistent yet evolving process that creates that "overnight success." One of my many favorite scriptures in the Bible (Ecclesiastes 3) where the written words remind us that there is a season, a time for everything. In life, there are seasons, and each season has a process. In whatever you have been called to do, you must understand there are process' and seasons. Your process during that season creates the environment for growth!! 

If you are feeling challenged, stuck and are ready for growth, ready for something new and exciting, a personal revival; I invite you to begin moving the dirt and cultivate the ground you are on.  I am not a gardener, but understand the process for stirring up the soil, the ground and preparing it for what is to be planted. You must create the environment that will bring the most harvest. To reap a bountiful harvest, you can’t just walk to an untouched patch of dirt, throw some seeds, and expect to have a gorgeous harvest full of amazing yummy and beautiful things. In addition to the scriptures about the seasons, there are scriptures and parables about the process, there are the laws of reaping and sewing. Don’t ever underestimate the process; the process is what creates the environment that will produce the harvest.

The Bible speaks about one planting, one watering, but the increase comes from God; we all have a part in the process and that you understand your part in the process.  If you want to see the growth for your ministry, your business, your finances, relationships, the list could go on and on, what is your part in the process and are you creating an environment for growth? Are you moving the dirt? Are you cultivating the ground? Are you removing the weeds? Are you adding some nutrients to the soil (feeding your soul and mind)? What is your part, what is your process for growth?

The dirt for you, may represent, something different for me, it may be a mindset that needs to be changed or a distraction that should be removed, maybe it is a revival of your spirit and soul to refuel the flame, it could be removal of toxic people in your life, it may be trying to carry the weight of an old season into a new season, it may be old systems and ways of thinking. I love the reference of a tree and the process it goes through to be able to remain healthy in each season; tree limbs were not meant to carry the weight of a leaf in the winter along with the weight of the ice and snow that it may experience; the leaves are shed before the winter so it will not break. We too, need to lose the weight of the old season to be able to flourish in the new season . . . we have to “move the dirt”.

If you ready for a change in your life you must first, understand the process, second, know your season and last, create the environment for growth today.